Employee FAQs

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Common Questions
How often do I get paid?

Verigent pays weekly. Our standard work week is Monday-Sunday. Timesheets are due Monday morning and payday is every Friday.

Does Verigent offer direct deposit?

We encourage our employees to provide their direct deposit information so everyone can get paid electronically.

What happens if my project ends?
We will do our best to transfer you to another client project that requires your experience. There may be downtime between projects.
What happens if I get another job offer while working on a project?
We understand that things change all the time. You are not locked into employment with Verigent and are free to leave at anytime. All that we ask is that you give us enough notice to minimize the impact to our client project without jeapordizing your chance at the new opportunity.
Does Verigent withhold and pay my taxes?
Yes. You will work for Verigent as a W2 employee. We will withhold and pay your payroll taxes and income taxes. You will receive a W2 from us at the end of each tax year.
Does Verigent offer benefits?

Yes. As a W2 employee Verigent offers the following benefits:

- 6 Paid Holidays after approximately 4 months
- 20 Hours PTO after 6 months, then 20 hours accrued every 6 months thereafter
- Company-sponsored Medical plans -- depending on tenure and number of hours worked, all eligible employees will have access to a health and indemnity plan or a fully ACA compliant plan
- Company-sponsored Dental and Group Term Life policies
- Additional Voluntary Benefits include involuntary term life and critical illness insurance
- 401K with company match of 25% up to 6% of salary after one year of employment

We offer a mini-medical plan which is supplemental in nature and can be joined the 1st of the month following your 1st day of employment.

Who do I contact if I am going to be late to work, or will not be able to report to work?
If you need to miss a day or are running late, it is important that you contact both your client supervisor and your Verigent recruiter!
What if I am injured on the job?

On the job injuries are covered by our Worker’s Compensation insurance policy. If you are injured on the job, report the incident immediately to Derria Underwood at 704-237-8211. Failure to report an injury within a reasonable period of time may jeopardize your claim.

What if I observe an unsafe condition while working for Verigent?
It is important that you alert your recruiter and client supervisor immediately if you notice any condition which could lead or contribute to an employee accident.