Payroll Information

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Payroll Information
Once hired, in order to start our new relationship, you will need to complete all of your new hire paperwork. This paperwork includes the following:

  • Application for Employment
  • Background Check Release & Consent Form
  • Disclosure and Authorization Form
  • Verigent Alcohol and Drug Abuse Policy
  • Verigent Harassment Policy
  • Verigent Employee Safety Policy
  • Voluntary Self-Identification form
  • Professional References
  • I9
  • On-line Pay Information
  • Direct Deposit Application Signup Form
  • W4 Form for Federal Withholding
  • W4 Form for State Withholding
  • Verigent Timesheet

On your first day only, you should contact your recruiter to confirm your arrival at the client site. Your client approved timesheet needs to be sent to our payroll department by 9am each Monday. Our workweek begins Monday and end Sunday each week.

Your client approved and signed timesheet is due to the Verigent payroll department each Monday by 12 Noon (Tuesday if Monday is an Observed Holiday). You can either email your scanned timesheet to or fax it to 877-637-6422.

Payday is every Friday and we don’t hold a check when you begin working for us. We pay via direct deposit. If you choose to receive a regular check then it will be mailed to you each week. Contact us before your assignment ends so we can re-assign you to another client project.

Whenever I call the Verigent office they are professional, courteous and extremely helpful. It's great knowing that all my documents are always in order and my checks are on time.