Referral Program

Searching for the Right Career Opportunity?
Referral Program
Know Great Talent? Refer a Friend.
Our Telecom Division is always looking for qualified telecom techs, engineers and project managers. Our IT staffing specialists have assignments across the nation for Desktop Support Specialists, System Administrators, Java Developers, Oracle DBA’s, Project Managers, Business Analysts and more.

One of the best ways for us to find new talent is through our network of employees and prospective candidates. Our Referral Bonus Program helps you make easy extra money while helping a friend. If you refer a qualified person interested in new career opportunities, please complete the required information below.

If the person you refer is hired by Verigent for client assignment, you will receive a bonus of up to $500.00 after the person has worked on assignment for 90 days. You do not have to be an employee of Verigent to qualify and can participate as often as you prefer.

Client Project Referral Program
New clients are hard to find. Our employees and applicants are on the “front line” and getting word of job opportunities before we do. If you are aware of hiring managers that are looking for talent in either the IT or Telecom field, please contact us.

Regardless of the duration, if we are successful in placing a person on a client project due to your help, we will pay you a referral bonus of up to $2,000.00.