Client FAQs

Searching for the right Career Opportunity? Want to be contacted ba a Verigent Account Manager?
Common Questions
How do I create a Job Order with Verigent?
That’s easy. Contact a Verigent account manager with the job description and other important details such as the location, duration and start date of the project. If you do not have an Account Manager contact our office at 704-658-9101 and dial extension 3272.
How much notice does Verigent need to find the right person for my requirement?
WE RESPOND FAST! It really depends on the skill level and location of the person you need. Normally, we provide our clients with candidate resumes within 24 hours of receiving the job order. Due to the nature of our business, we are used to working with little or no notice.
Isn't it more economical to hire the individual directly?
No! When you add up the costs associated with recruiting, advertising, hiring and training a new employee, Verigent is a much more economical approach. Factor in the increased flexibility you experience, and you’ll find that Verigent actually saves you a great amount in the long run.

Who pays the individual?
Verigent pays the individual. He/she is our employee. We take complete responsibility for the Cost of Labor: taxes, FICA, insurances, worker's comp, health plans, paid time off, 401K, recruitment, and other costly employee related expenses.
How does Verigent find its people?
People are our product! We advertise, attend/host job fairs, network, attend trade association meetings and work with outplacement companies. Our goal is to make a perfect match for your requirements. Over the past 7 years we have built our database to over 65,000 technical candidates around the nation.
What kind of background check does Verigent perform on its employees?
Each Verigent employee undergoes a background investigation which includes: employment verification, education verification, motor vehicle screening (if necessary), drug test, and criminal check.
How long do I keep the individual?
As long as you need. Verigent personnel are used for both short and long term projects - and even projects where the time frame has not been established up front. In addition, our On-Demand Resources program can have job projects that last for a day or less.
What if I want to hire a Verigent employee after they have worked on assignment for a period of time?
Whenever possible, we try to avoid costly permanent placement fees. In most cases, we establish pricing and a timeframe to transfer, at the outset of an assignment. We realize that sometimes you may not have planned to hire the Verigent employee at the time the assignment began. In these cases, we calculate how many hours have been worked on the project and how many additional hours need to be worked before the employee can transfer to your payroll without charging you any additional fees.
What happens if one of your individuals is not working out?
He/she is immediately taken off the project and replaced.
How do I pay Verigent?
That's simple! Once a week you approve and sign a time card. This time card is used to generate both a payroll check and invoice. The invoice is sent to you for payment.