Staffing Solutions

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Staffing Solutions
Our staffing services are designed to address any hiring scenario that you may face. Our core service offerings: contract staffing, contract-to-permanent, permanent placement and On-Demand Resources are tailored to best fit the needs of your business. In addition, we closely manage all contract assignments and resources to provide the best value to our clients. Whether your needs are short-term, long-term or permanent, Verigent has a staffing solution for you.

Contract/Temporary Technical Staffing
Verigent provides qualified technical personnel to support your projects for any period of time. This program is ideal for customers with an unpredictable workload, giving you the ability to increase and decrease staff at will. This flexibility, along with the elimination of advertisement, recruitment and screening costs, create a valuable and cost-effective way to meet your staffing demands.

Contract/Temporary to Permanent Hiring
Need a permanent solution without paying a recruitment fee? Verigent’s Right To Hire service is perfect for you. Right To Hire allows you to evaluate an employee’s performance for a pre-determined period of time. At the end of this time period, the Verigent employee transfers over to your payroll--with no recruitment fee charged. The average timeframe prior to this transfer is six months; however, we can customize the timeframe to accommodate your needs. The Right To Hire program’s benefits are obvious. While it can be very difficult to gauge an employee’s experience and attitude during an interview, you can get a much clearer picture of whether or not an employee is right for your organization after they have worked for you as a contract employee. This probationary period is a great way to lower your permanent employee turnover. It is also extremely cost-effective when you consider the costs of hiring, training, and dismissing an
employee who doesn’t match your requirements.
Permanent/Direct Placement
Hiring a permanent employee can be a costly and time-consuming task. Imagine how much more productive you and your staff could be without the worry of advertising for a position, then sifting through countless resumes to find the top candidates. Verigent gives you that freedom with the Permanent Placement program. Our Permanent Placement program does the work for you, making it easy to find and select the perfect professional for any position. After gathering your requirements for the position, Verigent will recruit and pre-screen for the most qualified applicants. We then work closely with you to schedule interviews and coordinate any necessary follow-up. In short, we’ll do all the up-front work for you. You conduct the interviews, and you make the final decision on which candidate to hire. The Permanent Placement program is just one more example of Verigent helping you work smarter, not harder.

On-Demand Resources
Verigent is a staffing company, therefore, we do not have employees being paid when they aren’t assigned to client projects. However, through our years of project experience, we have deployed thousands of people to support client projects across the nation. As a result, we have built a network of qualified, technical resources that are primarily interested in short-term project support. These people typically have experience deploying and maintaining technologies related to: structured cabling, telephone and PC moves, adds and changes, server refresh, POS implementation, Digital Signage and more.

Many times, these assignments are task-oriented and can be for a day or less. Some clients utilize these people in areas where they do not have their own resources available. Others, supplement their own workforce with key personnel with skill sets outside their own knowledge base. Either way, we can support your projects with local personnel on short-term projects around the nation.

Verigent has built a nationwide network of personnel that are available to respond to client projects on an as-needed basis. These projects can be virtually anywhere in the country supporting the deployment of numerous technologies. We have supported hundreds of client projects that involve the installation, testing and troubleshooting of client infrastructure systems and other related technologies. We currently have over 200 people working on various on-call/on-demand projects in the top 40 markets across the country. These rollout/national deployment projects can be for as little as one day in duration or could last for months. Most of these assignments and projects take place on a part-time basis. Although most of our projects are Time and Material in nature, we can support Unit/Fixed Price where it is required.

  • Plasma TV
  • POS
  • PC and Server Refresh
  • WAN Connectivity
  • Kiosks
  • PBX
  • Install
  • Site Survey
  • Digital Signage
  • Structured Cabling
  • Visual Scanners
  • Automated Retail Systems
  • WiFi
  • WLAN
  • Staging
  • MAC